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  The Strength Comparison Aerial CBT Titfuck Cocktease
Maya & Taylor are working out when a man makes snide comments women being weak. His feet soon leave the ground as Taylor cradle carrries him and then tosses him to the floor. They reach for the where he is most vulnerable...his cock. Then a little lapsitting cocktease and some aerial titfucking. The clip ends with an over three minute continuous lift by May. Great ending to this clip also which is the most explicit and the hottest Lift & Carry Clip Mistress Taylor has made yet as she incorporates multiple lifts, Cockteasing, Lapsitting and Cock & Ball Torture.
    Amazon Spit Humiliation
Amazon Taylor gets pissed when her guest spits into a plant so she grabs the little man forces him to eat her spit repeatedly. Great Sexy Wicked Clip From Amazon Taylor.
    Abandoned by a Giant
Kat had left her tiny slave tied in the room naked. When she returned, she decided to reward him with a handjob. During the entire handjob, she reminds him exactly how small he really and complains she gets a backache just trying to reach his "big cock on a small man". She compares the length of her leg to his entire body laughing at how small he is. She finally decides to allow him to cum but at the last minute decides to go "hands free". A little over halfway through that abandoned orgasm, she grabs his cock again and strokes it fast torturing the mini man with post orgasm cock torture.
    Angry Amazon Kicks
Amazon Sienna is in a foul mood. She strips down and kicks the out of you while reminding you what a pathetic, small loser you are. This clip contains forced foot action, verbal humiliation and a ton of kicking.
    A Date with AMAZON MOM Pt 1
(HIGH DEFINITION) GREAT SPITTING, SIZE COMPARISON, HUMILIATION AND AMAZON THEMES! Amazon Mom is back in the HOTTEST episode yet!! Amazon Mom has a date and she is planning on bringing her daughter Princess Maya but when her date sees how she is dressed he TRIES to say "No Way!". Maya overpowers him and makes him assume the position under the stairs as she wrenches his mouth open and says "Go ahead spit in it Mom!". Maya is TERRIFIC!! Her best appearance in any clip for her yet! She shows complete dominance while absolutely humiliating the boyfriend. Mistress Taylor is smoking as always in a role only she can play. CHECK OUT PART 2 WHERE MOTHER AND DAUGHTER STRIP, HUMILIATE & JACK OFF THE BOYFRIEND!
    A Date with AMAZON MOM Pt 2:
Cock Control for Generations

After the initial confrontation and humiliation when he arrived Maya drags him up the stairs to demonstrate that his opinion is not wanted nor does it matter. He is WAY over matched by the mother/daughter cock teasing team and they set out to show him just how absolute their power is over him is and the achieve it completely through his cock. Tit smothering, cockslapping and a tease and denial handjob dominate the second part of this smoking hot clip. The third and final part is next.
    Kayla Karries Krass Kat Kalling Kulprit
Kayla(Looking as hot and busty as ever) is walking to Taylor's apartment when a guy comments as she passes "Nice Ass You Got There". This was not the correct greeting as far as Kayla was concerned so she catches up to the guy, lifts him up and threatens to toss him off the railing. She then decides to take him for a walk and she lifts him 5-6 different ways. The whole clip is her lifting and walking up stairs and around the complex. The pictures shows some of the lifts.
    A Date with Amazon Mom Pt 3:
Tease, Denial, Humiliation & Blackmail

THIS CLIP IS PRESENTED IN A 640 by 360 ratio and LOOKS AMAZING! This file is for most computers.Taylor and Maya continue the cocktease and Maya happens upon his cell phone and uses it to take a couple candid shots of ass sniffing, handjob action and even a few cross dressing shots as Maya takes off he bra for him to wear. She then finds his wife in the cell directory and sends her the HOT photos. THE FINAL INSTALLMENT OF THE "DATE WITH AMAZON MOM SERIES!"
  Aerial Cocktease
Maya and Taylor in a Tease & Denial with lapsitting and Lift & Carry. The first half of the clip is all lapsitting tease and denial on Maya's lap. Taylor lifts him and Maya teases him towards the end of the clip. He then is put down and he begins to beg to be lifted again so he can cum...
The little man is made to pray at their feet under the 4 massive all natural Amazon breasts while belittled, smothered and slapped across the face with them.
    Amazon (Neesha) Taylor
In this 2 and a half minute clip done by request Amazon Taylor breast smothers a small man and then picks him up and jacks him against the wall for a thigh riding session.
Taylor nabs a peeping Tom and then her and her friend Dora go to work on the little bastard. Taylor is as sexy as ever as her and tall Amazon Bitch newcummer Dora humiliate and physically intimidate the schmuck.
Taylor nabs a peeping Tom and then her and her friend Dora go to work on the little bastard. In part two they have his cock and balls completely tied up for some torture and then Taylor smothers him all the while humiliating the little fuck.
    Amazon Intimidation
Amazon Taylor scoffs at the little man at first but then gets mean and tosses the meaningless tiny fellow about like a ragdoll. EXTREMELY HOT AMAZON TAYLOR HUMILIATION/SIZE COMPARISON CLIP!
AMAZON Taylor and Sienna humiliate and terrorize Dow with a variety of size comparisons especially height and the fact that Sienna's Ass and Taylor Giant breasts reduce him visually to a tiny toy!
    AMAZON TAYLOR and the Job Applicant
Taylor has a security job open at her dungeon and she is seeing applicants. From the first moment this guy walks through the door she is making size comparisons and laughing at the thought of what this little man could secure for her! She pulls out a tiny red childrens chair and gets him to sit down. While she is taunting him she lifts him up by the chair laughing hysterically the whole time! She compares his head to the size of one of her breasts and then smothers him with it. AMAZON TAYLOR CHALLENGES HIM TO ARMWRESTLING AND MORE!!
    Amazon Taylor IS GOD Again
In the third installment of the "IS GOD" series Amazon Taylor gets a visit from an angry neighbor who has had his little car blocked in his driveway by her big truck. Of course the finds it and him hilarious.
    Amazon Taylor IS GOD pt1
When Amazon Taylor gets a visit from a neighbor who is also a preacher at the local church it isn't very long before he "sees the light". As he weakly mutters "Oh God You Are Big" Taylor lets him feel how powerful and dominant SHE can be! THIS COULD BE AMAZON TAYLOR'S MOST DOMINATINGLY SEXY CLIP! SHE MAKES YOU FEEL HER STRENGTH & POWER BUT ALSO MAKES IT MORE DESIRABLE THAN ANYONE EVER HAS!
    Amazon Taylor IS GOD pt2
    AMAZON TAYLOR VS awww did the little man get hurt?
AMAZON TAYLOR shows off her wrestling and legscissor skils as she tosses her male opponet around the ring.
    The Ballad Of Little Boss Man
Mistress Sienna(Olivia Saint) and Mistress Taylor are tired of their boss hassling them. Taylor lifts him up in a cradle and mocks him like he's a baby while Sienna throws hims over her back and tries to scare him by lifting him up next to the ceiling. After some lapsitting they start in on the size camparison because these two AMAZONS tower over him. Taylor smothers him in her gigantic breasts and they both continue the assault !minute clip! Great size comparison, amazon, humiliation, female domination, smothering, lapsitting and lift and carry.
    Big Baby Boy Lapsit
Mistress Taylor brings this big slave baby to work and lets him sit on her lap.
Amazon Taylor is joined by equally tall AND equally busty Carrie Moon as they get a huge laugh when they see the self proclaimed 6 foot tall blind date! Great size comparison & humiliation!
    Busty Amazons Carry
Amazon Taylor is joined by equally tall AND equally busty Carrie Moon as they get a huge laugh when they see the self proclaimed 6 foot tall blind date! Great size comparison & humiliation!
    Flying Bitchboy
Two strong females lift slave with pure leg stregnth.
    Hungry Large Breasted Woman Beats Down Delivery Man
Kayla decides to harass the pizza delivery guy by challenging him to wrestling and arm wrestling for his tip. The next 10 minutes are a blur for pizza delivery guy as she thrashes him about and throws him around the room. Clothes lines him hard to the ground and then applies leg scissors. She also bear hugs him and puts him in a headlock. Wrestling/Amazons/Size Comparison/ Lift & Carry and female domination.
    Lifting the Bitchboy
All leg lifting with a slave. Kimberly is extremely strong and kept him in the air for almost the entire clip.
    Taylor's Bareass Lift & Carry Evening Stroll
Taylor carries her man around the apartment complex in a very short nightie. She has several different carries and she opens doors along the way.
    Lift & Carry, Bearhug Kidnapping
Taylor surprises Simon, a neighbor, and bearhugs him lifting him off the ground and she takes him inside and proceeds to terrorize & humiliate him by lifting him and squeezing him in bearhugs until he can't stand. She then titsmothers him until he passes out. NONSTOP LIFTING AND LOTS OF BEARHUGS!
    Lift, Carry & Threaten to Throw off The Balcony
Taylor needs a piece of furniture moved and HE speaks up and says he will move it. "You don't think I can move it?" she yells as she proves her strength by lifting him up and out on the deck so he can see the view. She makes him say out loud that she is stronger than him over and over and then she brings him inside and lays him on the ground. With one foot on his chest she raises her arm in victory. Then she tramples him for good measure.
    Lift, Carry, Big Bouncing Naked Titties, Amazon, Wrestle...
Playful but very competitive mood this couple has a definite "better half". She's better at wrestling and better at lifting at least and she shows it in this clip. She works up a sweat and reveals her big beautiful breasts early on in this clip.
    Lift, Carry, Go Out and Have Fun
Taylor is getting ready to go out with her best friend Elle but Elle twists her ankle in a rush to get dressed. Taylor lifts and carries her to another room where she takes off her shoes and checks her ankle. Elle comments on the strength of Taylor and she responds by telling her and acting out an exciting tale of when she needed to carry a girl in an important moment and her strength didn't let her down. Ankle still swollen, Elle is cradle carried by Taylor to go out and have fun anyway.
    Lois! Not So High! I'm Getting A Bit Queezy!
Sienna and Taylor take the baby boy flying. They talk to him in "baby talk" to calm his fears.
    Meet the Busty Amazon Family
Carrie was on the way out for date, but Mama must meet her new man. She sits the little guy down on her lap and treats him like a baby, bouncing him on her knee, until she notices his package. Mom decides it best to "share this little man" with her oldest daughter. They high five. With his dick in her hand, she says, "You like sitting on Mama's lap?... Are you planing to have sex with my daughter?" Threatens to make sure he can't by "stealing his cum". Decides he's a good guy and lets him go without forcing him to cum.
    Over The Shoulder Stroll
Kimberly tosses a guy over her shoulder and does a few laps around the yard without breaking a sweat. She is pretty damn strong.
    Peeping Tom, Lift & Carry Pool Party
Kayla and Taylor are getting some sun when they spot a peeping tom checking out Kayla's long slender legs and Taylor's all natural spectacular breasts. Taylor jumps up first and bear hugs him and carries him around threatening to throw him in the pool. Then Kayla throws him on her back and threatens the same thing. Eventually they toss him in several times. Each time they help him out, lift him up, carry him around and then throw him back in. They also taunt him from poolside for being so weak in comparison to either one of them while they hold hilm underwater.
    Piggyback Stroll
Kayla could not reach the grapes so she scoops Dow up onto her back to get reach them. The sexual tension jolts through the thick humid summer air as they then go for a quick stroll with Dow riding on her back.
    That's a BIG Bitch!
Thats what Kayla hears when she walks down crowded hallways but she can never tell who said it. Kayla is impressivley tall and imposing in this well done and very sexy POV/Amazon/size comparison clip. She's a natural for this type of situation.
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