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Amazon Lifting & Size Comparison
Katrina is brand new to Mistress Taylor Presents and in her first clip she does some lifting and carrying for the first half and then does some size comparison with her close to 7 foot frame!
  Amazon Mom Meets the Boyfriend
Mistress Taylor stars again as Amazon Mom as she walks in on her daughter and her boyfriend and she become the most embarrassing Mom EVER! Amazon Mom suddenly gets inspired to lift the boyfriend which she does in several different lifts as Goddess Veronica give her boyfriend an aerial handjob! Terrific double lapsitting also!
  Amazon Mom's Lift & Carry Cooking
Amazon Mom lifts and carries Lil'Matty as she prepares dinner. This clip features front, side and piggyback lifts for almost the entire running time.

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Amazon Ruin
Amazon Taylor in a wickedly dominant and sexy teasing handjob where she reduces the little man physically, verbally and morally as she ends this cockslapping, smothering, fast jacking handjob with a horrifying ruined orgasm of Amazon Proportions. Fucking excellent!
  Amazon Strength Superiority
(Arm Wrestling)
Goddess Kimberly arm wrestles the little man.

Kimberly can`t get the little man to admit women are stronger than men. He attempts to lift her and fails so she lifts him up and carries him around the room in various lifts, and finally pins and tickles him to get him to admit it.
  Cradle Carry Sunday
Taylor cradle carries Tom over to the hot tub where they lapsit for awhile until she hoists him back up in another cradle carry and carries him off.
What a great clip! Unbelievably sexy Taylor finds herself navel to face with her nemesis. She slaps him down to the ground with that bear paw of a hand and then lifts him back up by his belt! She smothers him with just one breast and it almost covers his entire head! Great stuff!
  Baby Boy Cradle Carry
Mistress Taylor brings this slave baby to work and carries him around cradle style.
  busty amazons GOING ALL THE WAY Lift & Carry
Maya and Taylor are hanging out with a friend when things get a little cozy & they begin to paw each other. Taylor goes down on the friend & LIFTS HIM UP ON HER SHOULDERS! Almost ALL lifting in this clip from Taylor & Maya. Shoulder sits, piggyback and a couple others and a bit of lapsitting too.
  Tiny Blind Date Liar Gets Lifted and Humiliated by Amazons
Tommy shows up as an internet blind date. Taylor answers the door and it starts. `Your profile said 5`9`!` Taylor`s not happy that he lied. So she calls her friend Kim, who is supposed to go on the date. They lift, spank and mock him for being tiny.
  Smokin` Lift & Carry Amazon Bitches
Taylor is hanging out at her house, chatting with her friend Kimberly on the phone, smoking a small black cigar and shoulder riding a small man about the room. Kimberly drops by and takes her turn smoking and carrying.
  amazon femdom Taylor & Veronica's
Lift & Carry Handjob

Mistress Taylor and Goddess Veronica Tag Team Lift & Carry Tease and Denial Handjob with no handjob. This is for all the lift & carry fans not interested in seeing one helluva cocktease. This clip is just the 2 minutes of lifts that begin and end the cocktease.
    Sexy Maya & The Maytag Man
Maya in a terrifically sexy Lift and Carry strength comparison clip. Except when she pauses to kick his ass in armwrestling this clip is all Lift & Carry with a variety of different lifts. Great clip.
  Taylor Hoists Her Tool
Mistress Taylor has a few odd jobs to do. Luckily there is a man taking up space that can finally be put to good use.
  Taylor's Lift & Carry Evening Stroll
Taylor takes an evening stroll through her neighborhood and shows off her piggyback and cradle lift and carry techniques.

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I Shall Call You LIFTED!
Taylor does not appreciate a joke he made about "girl situps" so she tosses him around and shows him real "girl pullups and "girl situps". Then she decides to brand him with a new name. She will call him LIFTED!
  In Flight
All leg lifting with a slave. Kimberly is extremely strong and kept him in the air for almost the entire clip.
  Kimberly`s Cradle Carry Debut
Kimberly shows off her lifting and carrying ability by cradle carrying and then piggybacking a guy straight through this 3m 40s clip.
  Lift & Carry Foreplay
Maya is spending time with her boyfriend and is in a very giving mood. She asks him what he would desire most for her to do and he has an easy answer. He wants to get romantic with her and to be lifted and carried. Maya enjoys the lifting too so she goes right to it as she does three sexy lifts and then sits him on her lap and begins to undress and stroke him...
  Lifting As Punishment
Taylor catches her roomate looking at her ass as she is bent over watering plants so she enacts an aerial revenge. After those first few second the rest of the clip is all one lift.
  Lifting The Sniffer
Taylor and Maya catch a guy sniffing Maya's panties...and he was ENJOYING IT! There is only one proper penalty and both girls knew it. He must be lifted repeatedly against his will and carried about the room. A variety of different carries would be the most effective. SEXY LIFTING BY BOTH GIRLS!
  Man Lifting Contest
After the tiny man lied in an ad and said he was 6 foot tall, Kimberly and Laura decide to have a man-lifting contest and show him how tiny he really is.
    The School Girl Hooligans

"Cradle Carry that Little Schmuck!"

Kayla and Taylor return to their friends house while on vacation. They were out harassing onlookers while dressed in schoolgirl outfits. They are still in a belligerant mood so when they spot the pool man they huddle up and make a plan of attack. Both Taylor and Kayla cradle carry the schmuck and there is some terrific size comparison. Kayla is very strong and she shows it here and well Taylor is Taylor.
    Taylor's Topless, Lift & Carry Variety Clip
Taylor hits a groove as she shows a variety of lift and carries while topless.
    Amazon Schoolgirl Pins
All tickling and school girl pins. The slave is no match for the beautiful amazon.
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